Intel® SRCSAS18E (Parowan) SAS RAID Controller

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Part No.: SRCSAS18E

Intel® SRCSAS18E (Parowan) SAS RAID Controller -PCI-E x8, 8P SAS RAID Controller - Intel® 80333 IOP @ 500MHz, Podpora 128 MB-1GB DDR2 alebo AXXRPCM2. RoHS.

Processor - Intel® IOP333 I/O processor operating at 500MHz with hardware XOR
Memory - Includes 256MB of Registered ECC DDR2 400MHz SDRAM (with support for up to 1GB)
PCI Interface - PCI Express* x8 connector (can be used in full duplex x16 slot) via an x8 electrical connection with automatic downrev to x4
Storage Interface - Eight SATA/SAS ports that support hot-plug capabilities and enclosure management
Form Factor - Full-height, three-quarter length PCI: 9.5" x 4.4" (241 mm x 112 mm)
Status Indicators - Audible alarm, I2C (for enclosure management)
Key RAID Features
RAID Levels Supported - 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50
Reliability - Optional battery-backup unit for up to 72 hours of cache data retention
Scalability - Online RAID-level migration and capacity expansion without the need for reboot
Configurability - Variable stripe size, variable cache options, drive coercion, array spanning, variable rebuild rate
Availability - Auto hot-spare, auto rebuild, auto rebuild restore, drive roaming, controller migration, online capacity expansion, remote monitoring and management
Manageability - Intel® RAID BIOS Console, Intel® RAID Web Console 2, Command Line Utilities