chladič CPU SCYTHE SCKTN-4000 Katana 4

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Part No.: KSCA0132


The spirit of the japanese sword inspired the naming of our famous CPU Cooler Katana. Well known for its' reliability and its tilted fin structure Katana 4, just like the japanese sword, looks back on a long tradition. The 4th. generation stands out with its new, modern design combining key features of previous versions with design and efficiency improvements. The low height as well as the structure of the fins and the use of three heatpipes are adopted from its' predecessors. In addition, the new design lays the foundation for higher cooling performance by providing larger cooling surface and the possibility to mount a second fan. The Katana 4 is equipped with a 92 mm Slip Stream fan operated by the PWM signal of the mainboard, circulating at 300 to 2500 rpm. This combination enables virtually silent mode as well as overclocking, by providing sufficient cooling ressources for almost all environments. The Katana 4 is compatible with all current sockets.

Improved Performance

Higher cooling performance is one of the characteristics of 4th generation Katana CPU cooler. The combination of 3 heatpipes, large fins and a PWM-controlled Slip Stream 92 mm fan ensures high-scale heat dissipation. A slightly angled fin structure, allows the airstream to hit the surface directly. Overall surface of the heatsink has been increased.


As it is common practice for all Scythe products, Katana 4 provides maximum compatibility. All current sockets are supported. Furthermore, a new generation one-touch clip system is launched with Katana 4 excelling in user friendliness and durability.

New Look

To be released in a completely new design, Katana 4 provides a new, modern look. The fan is situated right-angled to the motherboard and fins are tilted downward. Heatsink and Heatpipes are completely redesigned. Optical enhancements go hand in hand with practical improvements. Better cooling performance is one of them.

Compact Design

The bias of the new design originates in one simple question. How to build a new, modern looking Katana-style CPU cooler, without sacrificing the compact dimensions of its predecessor. Katana 4 transports this idea into reality. The measurements are very similar to Katana 3, allowing, as before, the use in limited space environments.


• Socket LGA2011
• Socket T / LGA775
• Socket LGA1155
• Socket LGA1156
• Socket LGA1366

• Socket 754
• Socket 939
• Socket 940
• Socket AM2
• Socket AM2+
• Socket AM3
• Socket AM3+
• Socket FM1
• Socket FM2

• 100 x 102.5 x 143 mm

Overall Weight
• 480 g / 16.93 oz (including fan)

• 2x Metal Assembly Clip (Intel), 2x Metal Assembly Clip (AMD / 2011), 2x 2011 Retention Brackets, 4x Retention Bracket Screws, Thermal Grease, Installation Guide

Material of Base Plate
• Nickel-plated copper (more information)

Dimensions of Fan
• 92 x 92 x 25 mm

Noise Level
• 7.2 - 31.07 dBA

Air Flow
• 12 - 95 m3/h = 6.7 - 55.55 CFM

Fan Speed
• 300 - 2,500 rpm (regulated via PWM)

Static Pressure
• 7.35~22.46 Pa / 0.75~2.29 mmH2O
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